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Our membership is not restricted to any age, country, religious group or professional background. You do not have to fill in any form or pay a membership fee. All you require is a good will and feeling for our cause. In case you are interested please get in touch with any of our members by email, phone or fax. You can support us in two ways:

As a contributor

To support us as a contributor, please donate a base contribution of €10 per month (or $10 per month) or more. You can send your contribution either to Aadhaar account at ABN AMRO Bank (Enschede, The Netherlands).

  • Account name: AADHAAR
  • Account number: NL32ABNA0622464116

Or make a online donation (via PayPal) by clicking on the link below

As an active member

To support us as an active member, please join our meetings and interact with other members of AADHAAR.

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