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Prof. Dr. Hubert Coonen

Name: Professor. Dr. Hubert Coonen
Company: CTW faculty, University of Twente
Project supported : Swabhimann (Bangalore, India)

Prof.Dr.Hubert Coonen

"The main motivation to support AADHAAR , came from personal and professional experience.In present world the future of young children is at greater risk due to imbalance in the society. It becomes very important to inspire young children by providing educational and emotional support from family and friends to make world a better place.

It is rightly said that an education can inspire education, which is reflected in all the members of aadhaar with great academic background. The sincerity and honesty of work is seen in different activities carried out by the organization. It ensures the progress of the projects in accordance with the money spent on them with details and digital evidence.

It was indeed a  beautiful journey with swabhimann project,  an experience to shape the fate of fifteen young girls for the better future. I was glad to support them with basic needs and education, it is incredible to see them making mark in the competetive world. The politeness , sincerity and friendliness of Aadhaar members made it easy and informative to see the fruitful result of the project. We all must join our hands to support this great cause."

A token of aprreciation from Swabhimann girls to prof. Dr. Hubert Coonen for his great support and help.